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Anima Mundi

Philip on Film on Nonesuch
The Truman Show on Milan Records
Philip Glass Soundtracks - Michael Riesman

Anima Mundi by Godfrey Reggio
The Truman Show by Peter Weir

Anima Mundi


Music by Philip Glass
For the film by Godfrey Reggio
Michael Riesman, Conductor

Nonesuch 79329-2


1. The Journey   1:47
2. The Ark   4:31
3. The Garden   4:35
4. The Beginning   4:08
5. Living Waters   3:48
6. Perpetual Motion   5:34
7. The Witness   4:11

Bulgary and World Wildlife Fund Present a Production by Studio Equatore, Italy in Collaboration with Institute for Regional Education, USA.

ANIMA MUNDI: The Breath, the Life, the Spirit, the Soul of the World. "...this World Is Indeed a Living Being Endowed with Soul and Intelligence..." (Plato, Timaes)

Film directed and Scenario by Godfrey Reggio.
Original Music by Philip Glass.
Music Coordinator: Francis Kuipers.
Music Consultant: Oderso Rubin, Italy.
Conducted by Michael Riesman.

MUSICIANS - Violin: Sanford Allen, Timothy Baker, Mayuki Fukuhara, Mary Rowell, Masako Yanagita. Viola: Stephanie Fricker, Jill Jaffe. Cello: Larry Lenske. Bass: Barbara Wilson. Flute: Carol Wincenc. Piccolo: Timothy Malosh. Clarinet: Steven Hartman. 0boe: Leonard Arner. French Horn: Sharon Moe, Alien Spanjer. Trumpet: William Rohdin, Lee Soper. Trombone: Dennis Elliot, Alan Raph. Percussion: Rex Benincasa.

VOICES - Soprano: Jeannie Gagné, Dora Ohrenstein. Alto: Patricia Dunham, Linda November. Tenor: David Düsing, David Frye. Baritone: Alexander Blachly, Bruce Rogers.

Produced by Kurt Munkacsi for Euphorbia Productions, Ltd., NYC.
Associate Producer: Rory Johnston.
Recorded January-March 1991 at The Looking Glass Studios, NYC.
Engineer: Laura Fried.
Assistant Engineers: Ian McGrath, Dante DeSole, William Lutz.
Mixed by Michael Riesman at The Looking Glass Studios.
Administration: Sharon Ainsberg.
Design by James Victore Design Works.

© 1991 Dunvagen Music Publishers, Inc. (ASCAP). © 1993 Nonesuch Records.