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Philip Glass Soundtracks - Michael Riesman

The Illusionist


Ryko Disc RCD10884

1. The Illusionist 2:24
2. Do You Know Me? 2:48
3. Chance Encounter 3:23
4. The Locket 2:54
5. The Orange Tree 1:47
6. The Mirror 1:27
7. Wish I Would See You Again 1:26
8. The Sword 0:36
9. Meeting In the Carriage 1:09
10. Sophie 2:50
11. The Secret Plot 2:53
12. Sophie's Ride to the Castle 2:05
13. The Accident 1:30
14. The New Theater 1:39
15. Frankel Appears 3:26
16. A Shout from the Crowd 2:02
17. Eisenheim Disappears 2:07
18. The Search 3:00
19. The Missing Gem 3:03
20. The Chase 4:11
21. Life In the Mountains 4:31

Music From The Film The Illusionist features an original score by acclained moder composer Philip Glass. Glass’ renowned restrained, yet elegant style has captivated audiences around the world for years. "The soundtrack to The Illusionist is a driving force to the movie," comments director Neil Burger. "There are many scenes and sequences without dialogue and it falls to the music to tell the story." Glass recorded the original score with a large orchestra, which results in an emotionally driven and epic soundtrack.
Award winning writer/director/actor Edward Norton stars alongside Jessica Biel and Paul Giamatti in The Illusionist.

Original Release: 8/15/2006