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Monsters of Grace

Robert Wilson/Philip Glass


Monsters of Grace - A digital opera in three dimensions for ensemble and soloists (1997)


Opera by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson. Poems by Jalaluddin Rumi, translated and adapted from the original by Coleman Barks.

The Philip Glass Ensemble
Michael Riesman, Music Director and Conductor
Singers: Marie Mascari, Alexandra Montano, Gregory Purnhagen, Peter Stewart



1. Where Everything is Music
2. The Needle
3. Don't Go Back to Sleep
4. In the Arc of Your Mallet
5. My Worst Habit
6. Like This
7. Stereo Gram
8. Let the Letter Read You
9. Boy Beach and Ball
10. They Say Paradise Will Be Perfect
11. The New Rule
12. An Artist Comes to Paint You
13. Boy on Fire

Over the last three years , Bob Wilson and I have been meeting to work on a new theater piece, Monsters of Grace. Since Einstein on the Beach in 76, we have come together on several occasions to make new work, but unlike those projects, with this present work, we have had a real opportunity to sit together and engage in a new world of ideas. Of course inage, music and structure are at the root of what we are thinking. We are, moreover, addressing a challange of a new technology and it's impact of a developing artistic view. It is fair to say that as an on going process, it is still fluid, elusive, and for us, full of surprise.— Philip Glass, 1997